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RubySpades has started a donation pool!
147 / 1,000,000
Head shots will be about 25:points:
Color will be extra*
5:points: For a single color
15:points: For full color
Bust will be about 50:points:
5:points: For a single color
15:points: For full color
Full body will be about 100:points:
5:points: For a single color
15:points: For full color
Extra characters will be 20:points: each

*Color is only extra because I don't usually color my art because I'm afraid of ruining it with the color. If you purchase a full colored version of your commission, I will send you both an uncolored, and colored version.

Also I will get Examples up as SOON as possible!

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::NVCR's Newest Intern:: by RubySpades
::NVCR's Newest Intern::
I dunno I doodled a Night Vale inspired version of myself with a couple of my lil 'imaginary pet' type babs. I love my facial expression ha

Hoodie inspired by a Hooded Creatures picture, beanie is a neat one I saw at the store earlier and waanntnttt

Anyway, being Cecil for Halloween. I'm hoping my dad can draw the tattoos and eye on for me because I suck <~>
Adventure Time OC: VIDOV THE SPIDER QUEEN by RubySpades
Yesss!! Inspired by an alternate outfit made for a silent hill persona, I bring you the spider queen! The bits on her side are actually two extra sets of legs, SPIDER LEGS!! They are razor sharp and, should she decide to, she is perfectly capable of killing with them. Though she can't quite control them very well out of her demon form so they just stay tucked up beside her body most of the time. The web shaw is special very strong webbing and the spiders are real as well.

Name: Vidov

Nicknames: Viddi, Vi, Vido, Spidderete (too much Rythian saying spider lately whoops)

Royal Alias: The Spider Queen

Role/Tile: damsel in distress

Species: Spider/Demoness

Bro/Pet: Iktomi (large spider)

Friend(s): Electra, Draconian, Alis, Marcy/Marshall, Finn/Fionna

Enemy(s): the red queen of hearts, ice king/queen

Good or Evil?: a little bit of both really.

Personality/Background: A bit like our favorite vampire queen/king. She can be cold and doesn't often let people in. She was once pure evil and worked along side the Red Queen until Alis came along. The Red Queen killed the human girls only friend in the strange new world. That boy being the closest person to Vidov. When she began to turn against the queen she was thrown into the dungeon where she befriended the spiders and learned her true calling. She escaped, saving Alis in the process. Despite being 'good', her evil demon heart holds her back and she lashes out now and then.

What The Characters Think:

Finn: "Originally I thought she was Evil. I mean she is a demon, but it just turned out she was protecting her nest. She's really great dungeon crawl partner, I'll give her that."

Jake: "Freaky chick, eats the color red and complains quite a bit. She's not really bad though."

Princess Bumble Gum: "I don't like her that much, but she's a good ally I suppose. Quite the seamstress."

Marceline: "She tends to be stubborn, but when she's away from the goody two shoes she's a true demon."

Flame Princess: "She doesn't like me, though being as she's a spider, with the web and all, I guess it makes sense. She's scared."

Ice King: "Another lovely lady that won't let me love her."

 Aaa Version 

Fiona: "Though she's a bit creepy and evil, she's not that bad. She and Cake don't seem to have any problems with each other."

Cake: "That girl can sew! Mm, we work together with dresses sometimes. She made a brilliant dress for Fionna for one of Gumball's balls."

Prince Gum Ball: "She's quite lovely, though her stubborn attitude, witchery and demon upbringing can drown out the good in her."

Marshall Lee: "She's cool, quite the prankster. Pretty evil at times too."

Flame Prince:  "Doesn't like fire I guess? She said I was pretty 'hot' but she wouldn't be caught anywhere near me."

Ice Queen: "That girl and I could team up and take over but she's just so stubborn and despises so many people, including me! Ugh!"


Electra: "Viddi? She's awesome. Sure she's kinda evil, but at least she doesn't do... TOO much damage."

Draconian: "That girl could rule the world if she wanted to, I swear she's a siren of some sort. I wish Alis could find out what's holding her back."

Alis: "She seems to be conflicted on whether she wants to indulge in her inner evil, or be good. She could be either, but she kinda just hovers in the middle. I think she's trying to be good, but something's holding her back."

Red Queen: "I really despise that girl. She left me high and dry for that goody two shoes Alis."

Vidov, Alis, Red Queen, Electra and Draconian©RubySpades
Adventure time and it's characters© Pendelton Ward

Couple o' Cutes by RubySpades
Couple o' Cutes
A leopard gecko Reptilia custom for Enki-Ri and my chara Electra. OuO

The leopard gecko boy is the Royal Reptilia Mage >u> right up there helping out prince Draco with stuffs.

Easy eye color guide:
:bulletgreen: Full/Normal energy
:bulletyellow: Mid/Low energy
:bulletred: Very low energy, about to pass out
:bulletblue: Extremely high energy, hyper/hooped up on sugar/energy drinks/caffine

Electra's info stuffs:
Name: Electra Hardt

Age: 142 (appearance wise: 17)

Species: Android

Gender: female

Fears: rain, swamps, speaking in front of others/ in general and attention, stage fright

Dislikes: meeting new people, loud unexpected noises

Likes: pranks, dragons, technology, video games, reptiles in general, Asian things, boxed juices(MUST be juice box)

Personality/etc: Ellie is quiet and shy but still enjoys pranking people and causing mischief here and there. She's a bit childish and can be the kindest person in Ooo/Aaa, but when her robotic appendages get wet she'll 'short circuit' and will twitch and have "muscle spazzams". She is able to regain her energy like a normal human/living creature, through food and sleep despite being an android. She only drinks energy drinks(anything caffeinated) and juice boxes. Boxed juice is her altimeter favorite, she jeeps stashes hidden in the homes of everyone she knows/hangs out with so she can always have one should she want it.

Best friends: Draconian the dragon Prince and Willow the spider queen

Sunset Colored Leopard Gecko Mage :iconenki-ri:
-I LOVE how he turned out. I want his hairstyle omfff

Electra, Draconian, Willow and the Reptilia kingdom and citizensRubySpades
Adventure time© Pendleton Ward
Adventure Time Adopt Batch One [3 OPEN] by RubySpades
Adventure Time Adopt Batch One [3 OPEN]
:bulletblue: Do NOT resell these adopts without my permission first! And you must redraw the adopt before selling.
:bulletorange: Do not steal/copy/trace/re-upload onto da or anywhere else.
:bulletblue: Credit me at least the FIRST time you draw them.
:bulletorange: Please do not buy the adopt just to hoard it.
:bullet blue: You may tweak the design/colors, but please leave it recognizable.

:bulletpink:Cloud/Rainbow Princess- 100:points:

:bulletblue:MintChip IceCream/Nerd Candy Citizen- 150:points:

:bulletblack:Mime/Thief boy- SOLD to :iconlil-miss-galaxy:

:bulletgreen:Snake/Knight Reptilia boy- 200:points:

:star:For an extra 50:points: I'll draw a full color headshot of the adopt.

:star:For 200:points: you can get a Reptilia custom. Just ask for a custom with a color pallet of your choice and the reptile, fantasy or real, you wish for them to be.

Reptilia is a fanmade adventure time Kingdom of reptile hybrids, capable of shifting from their usual form to their animal form. They usually have a section of scales on their face somewhere, where small or large, and scale 'plating' covering their elbows and knees. The kingdom is stuck in a semi "medieval" way of thinking, but will indulge in the modern life every so often. They prefer not to be stuck in war, but won't hold back should they be threatened. They trade with other kingdoms often. The ruler is Prince Draconian.

Adventure Time© Pendleton Ward


RubySpades's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

Name: Cas
Aliases: Pulse, Ruby, P, Ash, Rukis, Cassy
Age: 16
Gender: Female/Fluid
Date of Birth: July 16th, 1998
Location: Illinois
Occupation: Currently Unemployed

Height: 5'2"
Hair Colour: As of current, Blonde
Eye Colour: Brown
Face Shape: Round
Skin Tone: Pale
Clothing: Loose/ Baggy clothing or plaid
Other Identifying Features: Snake Bites

Best Friend: Enki-Ri
Other Friends: SoranoxSora, itachigirl21, PrincessPerellie

Star sign: ♋.| c a n c e r |.♋
Favourite Food: Steak or Macarons
Favourite Colour: Lime/Yellow-green
Favourite Movie: Hmmm, I'm not sure.
Favourite Book: The Fault In Our Stars
Favourite Music: Anything, really. Just as long as it isn't rap or country.

♥ c:
| Owls | Cats | L4D | Horror Flicks |
| Homestuck | Pokémon | Zombies |
| Resident Evil | Doctor Who | Dubstep |
| Legend of Zelda | MLP | Plaid| Stripes |
| Ghosts | Loki | Masks | Ghibli | Etc. |
♠ :c
| Work | Driving | Cars | Sora |
| The color pink | Maths| Civics |
| Loud/High-Pitched Sounds|
| People | Puzzles in Games|
| No Hats | Dicks | Ghasts |


I love video games, dubstep music and drawing.

If you have a question, feel free to ask, just note me. UvU

Bat by AiKitsune:owl: by Mrichston

My Buds


My ID is by the amazing Enki-Ri!
If anyone's open for an art trade or commissions let me know! ouo I've recently had trouble thinking of what to art so I'd love to do some art trades! ^u^
Plus always love art of my characters ;u;
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